Computerized Chart Systems

CC-100 Series

The CC-100 Series device is a tool for analyzing visual acuity.

The CC-100 Series device can perform the main and most important visual tests:

The whole display screen can show standard or even dissociated tests.

The instrument screen is controlled via an infrared remote control or via direct connection with an automatic foroptero.

Compared to a classic test projector, the functions of the CC-100 Series device allow greater flexibility and more advanced features.

Final users

Oculist, ophthalmologists, opticians, optometrists and contactologists.

Interaction with the patient

The patient does not act on the controls, he is usually placed on a chair or armchair supplied by the users of the device.

The patient may be an elderly person, a disabled person or a child, but the apparatus is controlled by the specialized personnel mentioned above.

Usage environment

The environments of use are: clinics, medical offices, hospitals, optical stores.

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