In this area, you can find a collection of articles, resources and stories of VISIA team and experts in the field sharing their knowledge, experiences and advices on the product development and on market trends. The literature shows the reliability, robustness and the highly-scientific background, which forms the basis of our production portfolio.

Making the design immune to unavoidable changes is what it is called "robust design", which is based on the identification and classification of the changes, the planning of the experiments to find solid solutions, and on statistically-based estimates of adequate margins of safety.

In fact, during the last few decades, manufacturing has been continually evolving from a set of more labor-intensive mechanical processes (traditional manufacturing), to a sophisticated set of processes based on information technology (advanced manufacturing).

The complexity of the developed skills, and the considerable investments in the resources involved in significant international projects as those shown, help to explain the exceptional distinctiveness of the VISIA's approach.

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